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Intelo Media is one of the top-rated website designing company in Patna. Our customers’ valuable feedback and constant support have taken us to the top, and we are always proud of them. We provide various services related to website development, like building your website from scratch, designing logos, notification bars, pop-up notifications options, ecommerce web design, corporate web designs, full stack development, maintaining the website, and much more.

Our services are comprehensive and specially designed to cater to the needs of our customers better. We have an in-house staff with fantastic experience and knowledge working in this field for many years. Their expertise helps customers develop their website and increases traffic and visibility. We use all the latest approaches and software, like UI and UX, to design an excellent website that looks very attractive and offers customers exactly what they want.

Our Website Design Working process

The following steps are involved in the process that we adopt to provide you with one of the most fantastic looks yet user-friendly websites.

Gathering Information

We first conduct a very detailed study about the needs of our clients. We know about the nature, size, segmentation, demand, and other details of the business of the client. We then finally create an informational study that includes all the goals to be fulfilled in the future.


We have proper information about the company readily available. We create planning based on that and point out everything that needs to be executed in the further timeline. A site map is created, which gives customers ideas regarding how the website will look at the final stage

Actual Design of website

In this step, the actual designing part of the website starts, and everything is executed according to the client's needs and expectations. We design websites from scratch, along with front-end and back-end options.


After the first design of the website is completed, we provide the same to our customers and take their reviews. We accept all the suggestions and places where correction is necessary very seriously.

Maintenance of website

We also maintain the website after the whole website is designed. Clients face various problems like slow running of the site, site not loading, and other bugs in the system. We solve all of these problems under our customer help cell.


We thrive by creativity and innovation and push the envelope to provide cutting-edge designs that fulfil and exceed client expectations. To guarantee an engaging website, our team dares to dream large and brings creativity to every project.

Six Reasons Why You Should Choose a Web Designing Services

Intelo Media give you some of the best six reasons why you Should choose us over all the other Website designing services in Patna. They are as follows-

Skilled Staff

One of the first reasons you Should choose us is our staff, who have been very skilled and experienced in this field for many years. They have expertise in web design as a development part and have also completed their education in this field. They know all the technical aspects of web design and will execute them for the clients to get the best results. Our staff is skilled in all the essential elements of web development, very hard-working, and determined to complete all the targets on time.

Responsive Working

Our work is a flexible and responsive model based on the clients’ opinions and Feedback. We create all the designs and base work for the clients based on the nature of their business and also their expectations from us. We study in detail the need for website development for any company and then execute all our plans based on our study. Our responsive model ensures the Website we create is straightforward for users to use, and they can quickly locate all the details there.

SEO Equipped Website

We create a Website that is SEO reliable and ensures visibility and transparency. We design Websites based on SEO strategies to make sure our clients get more business and also will have an increase in sales rate. Seo is essential for any website to be seen because seo ranks the Website at the top of the search results and will give higher visibility to your Website. With the increased visibility, one can quickly generate more leads for the business and ultimately convert them into full-time customers also.


Our Website design company in Patna provides customization options for all clients based on their preferences and needs. Every business is different and way of handling the same as well. We provide our clients with personalized services based on their brand, products, and services they have to offer the customers. We deeply study the client profile and devise strategies to take their brand’s name to the next level.


Website Design Agency in Patna provides all the services related to the Website at budget-friendly prices. Many brands and companies want to create a robust website that attracts many users and leads to their sites. But they fail to do so because of the constraints in the budget, and hence, they have to make compromises to get things done with less quality. But with us, you don’t have to worry about the budget because we will provide you with services within the budget you have set.


Our Website Design Company in Patna boasts a team of seasoned professionals with years of hands-on experience in the ever-evolving landscape of web design. From mastering the intricacies of responsive design to staying ahead of the latest SEO trends, our experts bring unparalleled expertise to the table, ensuring that your website not only meets but exceeds industry standards, setting you apart as a leader in your field.

Our Services

Website Design for all fields

Website Design For all Fields

We provide website design and development for e-commerce, corporate, small businesses, and more. Every platform needs to be dealt with with proper understanding and technicality, and we have the essence of dealing with all types of business platforms with the years of experience we have gained in this field.

Logo Designing

Logos form the primary purpose and focus of any website because they bring into the front end the name of the company with the Website. We design logos that speak volumes about the company's personality and brand image in a better way for the end users. Our logos have amazing stories to tell and will surely catch the attention of the viewers to know more about your brand name.

Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing

Graphic designers are required to make a beautiful, attractive look that caters to today's online users. We have the best graphic designers in-house who design beautiful and eye-catching posts, notification pop-ups, and other options on the Website.

Seo and optimization

SEO and Optimization

We provide an SEO-friendly website optimized for maximum leads and viewership from all online users. We devise SEO strategies by using the right keywords and phrases that get more searched and have a higher chance of getting clicked. We also designed a fully optimized website to generate more online leads.

Content creation and marketing

Content Creation

Content creation is the need of the hour because the rate of online consumers is increasing daily. We offer content creation services to our clients concerning creating blogs, videos, images, and much more. We also market this content on various online platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, which directly take the link to your Website.

Maintenance of the Website

Maintenance of the Website

We also provide after-sales services to our clients related to website design and development. We solve all kinds of problems and bugs that arise in the system within less time for the convenience of the clients. We also solve problems related to the site's slow loading for the best user interface and experience of all online users.

Some of Our Works

We have an extensive perspective and expertise across all major technological platforms to provide you with an extensive selection of services.

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Project Screenshot
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